David H.M. Lambert

The voice of award-winning excellence.

David H.M. Lambert is a Telly Award-winning voiceover artist with over 30 years of experience behind the microphone.

With his state-of-the-art professional home studio, David has been providing ultra-high quality voiceover services to clients around the globe since 1991.

The demo reel below is a small collection of recent voiceover projects.
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Vocal Booth

My recording booth is a 6'x8' isolation room custom built by VocalBooth.com and is used by stars like Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey. It is environmentally controlled with special noise-dampening air vents keeping long recording sessions quiet and comfortable!


Specially built for audio & video editing, my computer is equipped with a liquid-cooled Intel i9 9900K 8-core/16-thread CPU with 64GB RAM, solid-state hard drive, Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU with 8GB RAM connected to 5 monitors (two of which are in the vocal booth.)


Available microphones include a Neumann TLM-103, a Blue Baby Bottle, a couple of AKG Perception 200s, and I have a RØDE NTG-2 shotgun available should the need arise. All connected to an 8-channel Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 interface.


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    As a Creative Director, I’m always looking out for excellent talent and David certainly falls in that category. Recently I was managing a project and needed some VO quickly. I used a crowd sourcing website for voice talent and received many submissions. David stood out above them all. From the :30 sample he sent, his professionalism was evident and he stood out as someone who I could tell, had fun with the project. From that point, he was so responsive and made quick work of the final tracks. I will definitely keep David on the top of my list for future projects.

    ~ Scott Rosa, Brand Manager
    The Maids International

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    We worked with David on a project called “Campus Life: The Movie” which was a parody trailer presenting a local Halifax, Nova Scotia university as if it was an Epic Film. We needed a perfect “movie trailer guy” type voice and David was that voice. He was prompt, professional and his talent was undeniable. Also when we needed a change to the initial read he was on it immediately and we had the new files before we knew it. David was a pleasure to work with and we wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again.

    ~ Mark Flindall, Digital Project Manager
    twist & bits

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    Working with David is easier than spreading butter on toast—and his delivery is as smooth as said butter! Not only was the project coordination incredibly easy, but his turnaround time was much quicker than average. We were looking for a stellar Santa Claus, and David delivered more takes and more style than I asked for, ultimately resulting in an incredible final product our client was thrilled with. David is also a pleasure to communicate and work with through the entire process, and I look forward to working with him again, in the future.

    ~ Garrison Feldman, Audio & Social Media Director/Video Engineer & Copywriter
    Davis Advertising; Worcester, Massachusetts

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    For a recent project, I hired David Lambert for voiceover work. I’m always looking for talent that will bring validity and a sense of professionalism to my work. David hit the mark with ease. A national level talent! In addition to the seasoned skill that David offers behind the mic, he gave me an extremely fast turn around and was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend considering David Lambert for your next project.

    ~ Paul VanDyke, Owner
    VanDyke Productions, LLC

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    David did a fantastic job on my project. His initial reads were spot on with regard to my scope and notes. Of course, little tweaks are always needed, and he responded with kindness and timeliness. My client loved the end product and I have a feeling that we will be working together again. I highly recommend David as a voice actor and a professional.

    ~ J. Brooks Christol, Partner
    Barker & Christol, LLC

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    I was glad my client was impressed with David's voiceover read. He was incredible to work with, and his voiceover skills were exactly what my client needed. He worked on two revisions as I had a very particular client that wanted certain inflection points he wanted to hit. He sent over several different reads, allowing me as the editor to pick and choose the best for the project. And...he did all of this on Christmas Eve.

    To say his response time was excellent; would be a gross understatement, and I'd recommend him for any voiceover project.

    ~ Tom Peterson, Owner

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    Working with David was a great experience. Our clients are very particular about the voices they choose to be the public facing representation of their brand. For one of our projects, we'd gotten a number of audition samples from various artists and the client chose to go with David for their piece (for all the right reasons). That was a win. David is easy to work with, communicative, flexible, fairly priced, and most importantly, delivers a great product both from a performance and quality/technical perspective. There are a lot of folks out there claiming to be VO artists, but the quality of their files and their performance abilities and tone belie the moniker. David is a true pro. I recommend him without hesitation and we're looking forward to working with him in the future.

    ~ Steve Carafello, Owner
    green iguana productions

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    I've worked with a ton of voiceover artists over the 20+ years I've been in video production and David stands out as a true talent. He is quick to respond to requests, his turn-around times are ideal for anyone working with tight deadlines and his VOICE! Amazing range and powerful. I highly recommend using David for any job.

    ~ Matt Leary, Video Producer
    Scheduling Institute

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    Working with David Lambert was an absolute pleasure. My clients were looking for a certain type of voice and style and he used his talents to create exactly what we were looking for. The professionalism and speed at which David worked was amazing. Needless to say everyone was extremely happy with the final product and we will definitely use David again in the future.

    ~ Shawn Dennison, DP
    D-PRO Video

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    David Lambert is an extremely talented voice artist who is also reliable and fast. We needed a quick turnaround for a political ad and David delivered well on time. I highly recommend David for anyone in need of voiceover work.

    ~ Jesse Strauss, Owner
    Forward Frame Media

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    David is an excellent actor. He takes direction very well and is great to work with. We cast him as Santa for a lottery radio spot and his performance was spot-on. I wouldn’t hesitate to cast him again.

    ~ Michael Exner, VP/Creative Director
    Fahlgren Mortine

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    David Lambert offers excellent voiceover work. His voiceovers are high quality - his voice sounds very natural & relaxed and there is no sound contamination whatsoever. I asked for a professional, educational voiceover and he delivered exactly that - it's perfect for our audience (financial advisors and their audiences). He was pleasant to work with and prompt in providing the final deliverable to us. We'd be more than happy to use him again anytime!

    ~ Rachel Hanley, Content Manager
    Twenty Over Ten

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    David was easy to work with. He took direction well and provided fast turn around. Specifically our team used him as a Santa voiceover and was very believable. Perfect delivery all around. David was instantly in contact and available. The delivery of the product was perfect and within less than half the time of the posted deadline and was willing to do multiple takes in order to get everything exactly how we wanted.

    ~ David Snyder, CEO

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    David is a true professional. Not only is he a great voice talent with fast deliverables, but he also can adjust to changing needs as a project goes on. The content he voiced received great feedback ("who did that awesome voice recording?"), and I look forward to working with him again soon!

    ~ Taylor Sloan, Video Producer
    Black & Veatch


Past Projects

Modelo (TV)

Dr. Squatch (Web)

"Superman Lives" as Lex Luthor

Lemme Sleep (Web)

Unkilled (Promo)

Mission Loyalty - Official Trailer

GCI Aleutians Fiber Project

General Mills Adventure Quarters (Web)

eXp Realty (Web)

Ingenia Holiday Park (:30 TV)

Oktoberfest Leavenworth

The 9 Bellz - Game Trailer

Camp Fimfo: "Get Outside" (:30 TV)

Impella "Voice of Steve" (:30 TV)

America Boxed In

Wild Animal Safari (:30 TV)

Debitam-The Ritual (Web)

MCM Stone Tailors

Manscaped (Web)


Regal Cinemas

Camp Fimfo

Cold Shower Shake (:30 TV)

Charlotte Pipe (:30 Radio)

PepsiCo Recycle Rally

Water Less, Save More (:30 TV)

What is Pinal County?

Smarty Plants

Supreme Clean (:60 Web)

Scheduling Institute (Sizzle)

Canadian Cancer Society (:30 TV)

Mr. Clean & The Maids

Infinity Healthcare

5G - What We Do & Don't Know

Volt Fusion

NHTSA - National PSA (:30 Radio)

Hawk Volkswagen (:30 TV)

Crockpot's 50th Anniversary


Campus Life The Movie: St. Mary's Univ.

MediDent Supplies (:30 TV)

PCI China Union Pay (Online Promo)

Sub-Saharan Africa (Explainer)

Pinnacle Office Solutions (:30 Radio)

Jviation, Inc.

The AEON Sports Luminaire

Airstreem Pillow - Camping

CLC Signature Elite Tool Belts

That You May Believe

Goodwill "Halloween" (:30 TV)

LRO: A Tour of the Moon

The Longhorn Foundation

Movie Trailer: Veil of Tears

Forgotten Christmas


Eye Associates of South Texas

The Lebowsky Center

Albertson's "Monopoly (:30 TV)"

Santa's Voice

Santa Voiceovers

Dish (:30 TV)

Wrigleyville Wonderland (:30 TV)

Santa's Post Office - Finnish Lapland

Swiss Ferronato

The Staffing Connection - (:30 Radio)

WV Lottery - (:30 Radio)

Honey Dew - (:30 Radio)

Ohio Lottery - (:30 Radio)

West Virginia Lottery - (:30 TV)

UMZU - (:30 TV)

AirKit (Web Promo)


David H.M. Lambert has worked as a professional actor in the Dallas area since 1981. For 22 years, he portrayed the title role of "Ebenezer Scrooge" at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre and has been nominated for several acting awards including 2 Leon Rabin nominations and rated by the Dallas Morning News as D/FW's "Best Scrooge" when compared with two of D/FW's largest theatres, Dallas Theater Center and Casa Mañana.

David started his voiceover and audio engineering career in the early 1990s with Intelemedia Communications as their principal voiceover talent recording and editing voice prompts for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.

In 2004, he opened Lambert Studios and began producing voiceovers for clients such as 20th Century Fox Television, NBC Universal, Wolf Films, Cinemark USA, and many others.

When you hire David, you're hiring a professional with talent, skill, experience, and the tools to get the job done.

My Rates

Here's how it works...

Your starting point is at "Session Fees" where the rate is dependent on the number of words in your script.

Your next stop is "Usage Fees." This is my fee based on how you will be using my voice.

Then you can add extras like 24-hour delivery, or "Queue Jump" (which means yours will be the next project I work on when I'm in the studio next.) If your project has time-restrictions (like a radio/TV spot) be sure to add "Timed Audio Sync."

Rates are subject to change without notice.
Please contact me directly for a custom quote based on your specific needs.
(HINT: My rates are already slightly below industry standard for non-union talent,
however, I generally like to stay flexible with my clients' budgets.)


Session (Base) Fees

 First 200 words  $150
 Each additional 100 words  $40
 Revisions (within 30 days of initial recording)  $25 per 100 words
 Revisions (after 30 days of initial recording)  $50 per 100 words


Usage Fees

 Usage on IVR systems  Add $50
 Usage on website, YouTube, or social media  Add $150
 Local Radio  Add $200
 Local TV  Add $300
 Regional Usage (TV or Radio)  Add $400
 National Usage (TV or Radio)  Add $700
 Video Game/App  Add $400



 24-Hour Delivery  Add $50 per 800 words
 Queue Jump (Rush Delivery)  Add $75
 Timed Audio Sync  Add $30 per 60 seconds
 Music Beds  Add $15 per track
 Script Proofreading  Add $30 per 150 words
 Split Files  Add $5 per file

Contact Information




9:00 am - 6:00 pm CST
Monday - Friday